Namaste Day Spa – Sweet & Charming Boutique Spa
Commercial Photography in Kelowna, BC

We had the pleasure of working with Kim and Donna from Namaste Day Spa in downtown Kelowna, BC for some fresh images for their new website. Not only is their spa super charming, they also use the amazing Eminence skin care line from Hungary which is all handmade and organic. Seriously yum!!! The ingredients are 100% natural and you could probably eat them if you wanted to, but we assure you we did not. We want to give a huge thanks to our model David, Tina for her hands, and you’ll even notice my lovely wife, Katherine, in some of the facial images. She exclaimed that her skin felt amazing after her mini facial.

We are in love with the images for the shoot and are in love with this spa.  The space they have created invites instant relaxation and their customer service and attention to detail is impeccable – no wonder they’re always so booked up!  Thanks for letting us capture some of your beauty, Namaste Day Spa!

20120519 Namaste Day Spa2054_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2026_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa1748_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2035_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa1653_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2040_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2018_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa1779_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa1733_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa1691_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa1706_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2_by-Kevin-Trowbridge-220120519 Namaste Day Spa1820_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2_by-Kevin-Trowbridge-320120519 Namaste Day Spa2_by-Kevin-Trowbridge-420120519 Namaste Day Spa2_by-Kevin-Trowbridge-520120519 Namaste Day Spa2_by-Kevin-Trowbridge-720120519 Namaste Day Spa1868_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2047_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2098_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2141_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2120_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2134_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa2154_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa1866_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa1928_by-Kevin-Trowbridge20120519 Namaste Day Spa1998_by-Kevin-Trowbridge