ABOUT Kevin Trowbridge

My grandfather was a painter, my father was an engineer, and I am the hybrid – firmly rooted in the technical aspects of photography, but seeing the world through the inspired eyes of an artist.  Finding my own way, I discovered photography in the high school darkroom and was immediately addicted to the creation of imagery.  A few years later, I graduated with honours from the Visual Arts program at the University of the Fraser Valley.  Yearning to master the technical side of photography, I continued my studies at Langara College in Vancouver and apprenticed with local photographers.  The word digital was not even mentioned throughout my entire education, but in 2000, soon after graduating I sold all my film equipment and jumped whole-heartedly into the digital medium.

At about this same time I met my muse, love, and now wife Katherine.  Her beauty inspires my every day.  We have now been together over ten years and were married on July 21st, 2007 at Summerhill Pyramid Winery where three photographers that I had mentored and trained took on the project of actually trying to make me look good; what a task!

Shortly after moving to the Okanagan, I became immersed in photography from shooting to teaching and soon left my day job to launch my full-time photography career.  After more than 10 years of commercial, portrait, and wedding photography, I also operated as the Department Head for the Digital Photography diploma program for four years at the Centre for Arts and Technology.  This fusion of creating stunning photographic collections and inspiring new students keeps me fully immersed in the professional, academic, and art of photography.



I hold a vision of a world where friends greet each other as enthusiastically as a happy dog, where what we say is actually what we mean, where the value of any life whether human or animal is treated equally, where taking care of the environment is worth more than another buck in our pockets, and definitely a world where love and compassion is the key.

Love and compassion holds true throughout my photographic expression.  My philosophy towards photography is to shoot with an open heart, allowing myself to connect in an intimate and genuine way with my portrait subjects.  Every time I look through the lens and search for the perfect angle, expression, and moment to capture someone’s unique character, I become so deeply immersed with that person for that short moment in time; admiring everything that they are and embracing their best qualities.  I look for clients who appreciate this model and are interested in having me develop their personal vision into a stunning collection of photographic art.

I look forward to creating an amazing photography experience for you!
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