What locations do you recommend for sessions?

I have scouted out a huge range of locations throughout the Okanagan that work outstanding for portraits, but I prefer to cater the concept of each shoot specifically to each couple. To do this I ask every couple to fill out a “Let Us Get to Know You” questionnaire, which will allow us to be inspired and help recommend a location to specifically suit the two of you. If we have not shot at the location the you choose for the session then we are happy to scout out the location prior to the shoot so that we are perfectly prepared to produce the best portraits possible and provide and outstanding experience.

What time of day is best to plan our session or wedding photos?

Honestly, I can produce amazing portraits at any time of day or weather, but I definitely prefer shooting in the late afternoon or evening, and especially the hour prior to sunset, which is known as the “golden hour.” This time of day produces beautiful golden directional light, stunning skies, and very soft flattering portraits.

Where can I find a detailed price list?

Feel free to contact me by email or phone, and I will be happy to send you a price list upon request.

Why should I choose to hire you as our photographer?

I simply put an unsurpassed effort into every shoot, invest in the best equipment available, always stay current with the newest skills and trends, am extremely easy to work with, and strive to always surpass your expectations and produce the most outstanding images possible!

Do you travel for photoshoots and what are your travel fees?

Yes, I am happy to travel outside of the Okanagan when available. There will be no travel fees applicable within the central Okanagan area. Travel fees outside of this area are only at cost with a minimum booking: $0.54 per km for driving, direct cost of flights, hotel costs, and vehicle rental if applicable. Please contact me for a quote at any time.

How do I purchase prints, albums or digital negatives from a session or wedding?

All prints and photo canvases can be purchased through my online galleries, while designer albums and artist series wall prints are purchased directly through me.  All weddings and engagement sessions include all edited high-resolution digital images.


 Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions!


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