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Westcoast Tofino Wedding at The Wickaninnish Inn
Celine & Paul

April 15th, 2015

Neither Katherine or I had been to Tofino since we were children and we were absolutely thrilled when the beautiful Celine contacted us from London asking us to photograph her wedding over the Easter weekend at The Wickaninnish Inn in April.  It was storm watching season and the waves did not let us down; neither […]


Neither Katherine or I had been to Tofino since we were children and we were absolutely thrilled when the beautiful Celine contacted us from London asking us to photograph her wedding over the Easter weekend at The Wickaninnish Inn in April.  It was storm watching season and the waves did not let us down; neither did the rain, but that’s expected when you visit the gorgeous Westcoast rainforests of Vancouver Island.



We started the day in Celine & Paul’s Canopy Suite at The Wick with panoramic views of Chesterman Beach. 


Celine chose a Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Silk-taffeta and Tulle Dress (if you’re familiar with Carrie Bradshaw’s Sex and the City wedding gown, then you will notice the similarities as this is a slightly altered and shortened version of Carrie’s Vivienne Westwood wedding gown from, the movie)It’s subtle asymmetry and gorgeous overlapping layers of silk and tulle was both artful, decadent, and glamorous.  Celine topped her outfit off with a custom birdcage headpiece and a Vivienne Westwood Bas Relief Choker complete with three rows of pearls.  You can’t forget those Manolo Blahnik cobalt blue Hangisi Satin Pumps.  Perfection head to toe!


A sweet letter from Celine’s heart was delivered to Paul setting the stage for their day.  Then the antics started as it often does with groomsmen from bird watching to pouty lips in The Wicks trademark raincoats.  Haha – love it!


The ceremony location they chose was the adorable little St. Columbia Church right in the heart of Tofino. This heritage church was one of the first buildings on the Tofino townsite back in 1913.  It was decorated with 10 fresh cherry blossom trees, spring florals, and ferns brought in by Hilary Miles Flowers from Vancouver.  This transformed the chapel into a magical spring forest and imparted a fresh outdoorsy feeling – so stunning!


I love sweet moments like these where you can catch an endearing and emotional look while listening to her husband-to-be’s vow’s.


There’s nothing more adorable than tears of love between sisters! 


Since the heavy rain held us inside, we completed the family portraits on location. The moments between the formals are the ones that I really love!037-038041-042043-044

Once last glance at those gorgeous cherry blossoms filling the vaulted ceilings of the little chapel before heading off to The Wickaninnish Inn‎ for their creative portraits and reception.


To keep Celine’s silk dress in beautiful condition for the reception, we opted to shoot portraits in their penthouse suite at The Wick, which didn’t disappoint.  Who can pass up some extra time to cuddle and stay warm!


There was also a surprise gift from Paul to his beautiful bride – a diamond-studded Tiffany keychain. No girl can resist that blue box 🙂


On their way to their reception, the wedding couple was daring enough to spend a few moment in the stormy weather to get the perfect Westcoast portrait – complete with gumboots and raincoats.


Based on a rainforest version of an Easter theme their décor comprised of decadent white rose and hydrangea centerpieces with a base of ferns and birch bark.  A surprise heart made of moss and ferns acted as a backdrop for their head table.


Emotion filled speeches and a meaningful gift from Celine’s grandfather made a memorable evening, while the Pointe restaurant provided an equally unforgettable four course meal.


The night ended off with the cutting of their magical tower cake decorated with flowers, feathers and a nest of eggs, but Paul could not escape the cake smash!


Celine and Paul were so generous to include us in all their festivities from their welcome dinner to their Easter breakfast the morning after their wedding.


Seeing the sun break the storm on the morning after their wedding, Celine decided to toss her bouquet on Chesterman beach.


Enjoying  sometime alone on the beach together before heading off to create their new life together!   Congratulations, Celine & Paul – we wish you an amazing life together filled with love and happiness!!!



Venue: The Wickaninnish Inn

Ceremony Venue: St. Columbia Church, Tofino

Ceremony Officiant:  William Ferrey

Wedding planner: Marcel Goette (from Germany)

Florals: Hilary Miles Flowers Ltd.

Bride’s Gown: Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Silk-taffeta and Tulle Dress

Bride’s Shoes: Manolo Blahnik cobalt blue Hangisi Satin Pumps

Wedding Rings: custom creations by Michael Dean Jewellery (Vancouver)

Bride’s Makeup: Julia Shaw, psychologist and makeup artist

Bride’s hair: Rhonda from

Ceremony music: Baritone guitar by Myles Morrison

Catering: The Pointe Restaurant – The Wickaninnish Inn

Cake: Coastal Cake Company

Favours: Chocolate Arts (Vancouver)

Photography Assistant & 2nd Photographer: Katherine Trowbridge


Paris in the Springtime: Day 3 – Excursion to Château de Versailles

May 3rd, 2012

On the third day we headed out of the city by train and went to Château de Versailles.  We were prepared to spend the whole day there since you would typically need several days to tour this immense château and gardens.  When we arrived at the golden gates of Versailles there was the longest line-up […]


On the third day we headed out of the city by train and went to Château de Versailles.  We were prepared to spend the whole day there since you would typically need several days to tour this immense château and gardens.  When we arrived at the golden gates of Versailles there was the longest line-up to get into the Palace, so we immediately headed to the 800 hectares of gardens.  As we walked past the crowds and the view opened, we both stood awe struck at how immense and opulent Versailles is.


Below: The Orangerie (yes, those are orange trees!) and Pièce d’Eau des Suisses in the background (a manmade lake which used to supply water for the many fountains throughout Versailles.


From the palace looking down is the Bassin de Latone (Latona fountain) and the Grand Canal in the background.


Looking back, the Bassin de Latone in the foreground with the palace in the background.


And the beginning of the many, many gardens of Versailles.


Below: The Grand Canal – the largest body of water at Versailles.  Not only did it function as a place for boating parties, it also served as a reservoir for draining the water from all the fountains and pumped it back.  Beauty and function.  And yes, we did take one of the wooden row boats out on the canal – how could we resist?


We rowed all the way to a remote part of the canal where we got out and ate our picnic amongst some forgotten ruins and pretty wildflowers.


After we returned our boat we headed over to the Petit Trianon, which was a “little” retreat château used by Marie Antoinette (and royal women before her) to escape life at court.  It takes about 20 minutes to walk to from the palace and is a great place to escape the crowds.


Below is the French Pavillon which sits within view of the Petit Trianon and was used as a place for garden lunches.  We immediately loved it.


We then continued walking until we came upon the Grand Trianon which was commissioned by King Louis XIV as a retreat to escape life at the palace.


Wandering back in search of Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet we saw some beautiful things along the way:


On the way to the hamlet, we stopped by The Temple of Love which was commissioned by Marie Antoinette and sits on an artificial island within the gardens of the Petit Trianon.  The statue in the centre is the God of Love which is seen carving a bow from Hercules’ club.


Alas, we come to Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet.  Built as a working farm complete with farmhouse, a dairy, a mill, a dovecote (where they housed pigeons or doves), a barn, a tower, The Queen’s House, a boudoir (Marie’s private bedroom), and many cottages complete with gardens.  The whole hamlet is done in a rustic style based on a Normandy village; however the interiors are extremely decadent.  We loved walking around the hamlet and it reminded us of a centuries old Disneyland – all the buildings seemed miniature and everything had a sort of fake façade all set among an idyllic setting.

Below is the Tour de Malborough (built to resemble a lighthouse) and the magical talking catfish in the manmade lake.


We then headed back to the Palace of Versailles to wander through more gardens and take in the overwhelming beauty before saying farewell.